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Are you still deciding on who will represent you with your real estate endeavor? Let our clients help you make the right choice. Below are first-hand accounts of the relationships we cultivate with our clients.

I felt 110% confident by partnering with Evergreen Realty. Even though I was assigned to one agent, others were very helpful to my agent and myself explaining prior knowledge of the property I ending up purchasing. This is a full service office! And the office manager eager to make me a cup of coffee every time I entered the door was a bonus!

- A. Patterson

I walked in by mistake thinking they were my lender, Evergreen Home Loans. Later I was told there was no relation. The office manager kindly informed me I was in the wrong place and gave me directions to where I needed to be. When explaining my mistake once I arrived at Evergreen Home Loans they reaffirmed the kindness of the Evergreen Realty team and I knew right then they were the brokerage for me.

- S. Robinson

The Evergreen Realty brokerage is an open bull pin and I was skeptical using them at first because I wanted to speak with my agent in private. They have a wonderful conference room just for that and once I realized the entire office truly works as a team helping one another, I knew I found the right brokerage for me.

- T. Cranson